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Coincidences happen to people who are mindful and notice things.

Urban Dictionary: coincidence

When you go about your daily activities, keep your senses open to coincidental opportunities. Talk to strangers. Seek meaning.

COINCIDENCE proves we live in a Simulated Reality

Whether you see a string of numbers on a license plate or hear a song on the radio, ask yourself if you can make meaning out of the experience. Write it down. Keep a log of the coincidences that occur in your daily life.

The more you notice coincidences, the more likely they are to happen to you. By Amy Paturel Thursday, January 03, Connect With Coincidence Certain people are more coincidence-prone than others, but all of us can learn how to cultivate them. Try these strategies: 1.

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  5. Dessoir calls the 'falsification of memory'? No one knows how it happened, but there was a coincidence about the time which I must relate. American definition and synonyms of coincidence from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Show more. Show less. What are red words?

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