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The Fouke monster is only one of many local legends featuring tales of Bigfoot-type beasts in the south. If the Skunk Ape and creatures like it are real, it makes sense that dense swamplands could provide the last peaceful space where they can exists without too much meddling from us humans.

In seems in every corner of the continent humans may have pushed Bigfoot to far out, secluded areas. If an intelligent creature wished to remain hidden, it only makes sense that a deep and foreboding swamp is a smart place to live. Thick swamps are difficult to penetrate, for both people and other animals. As human development and expansion continues in southern Florida and other areas, the Swamp Ape may feel more threatened and encounters may increase.

Swamps provide abundant food sources. Bigfoot is thought by most researchers to be an omnivore, and in a warm ecosystem he would have vegetation available for most of the year.

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Some researchers also believe Sasquatch hunts and fishes for food, and an strong deer population along with shallow waters makes finding protein sources easy. So, the niche habitat where the Swamp Ape is said to live may be part choice, and part necessity. No doubt in the time of the first European explorers the beast had a more extensive range. There are a few theories out there to explain the stank exuding from this unfortunate hominid. One of the most reasonable is simply that it lives in the hot, southern swamp.

Another theory held by at least a few researchers is that they may sleep underground in abandoned alligator dens, and absorb some of the swamp gasses. Their diet could be a reason, as they may be consuming a larger amount of vegetation that a typical omnivorous Sasquatch living in other areas of the country. But, looking around the animal kingdom, usually when mammals give off pungent odors it is for very good reasons, in a Darwinian sense.

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Some animals, like the skunk for which the beast is named, may exhibit strong odors as a means of defense. Some use scent in the form of chemical pheromones as a means of communication. Even we humans secrete pheromones to get our messages across. Looking at it in this light, perhaps the Skunk Ape has evolved to secrete strong odors when it feels scared or threatened. The bottom line is nobody knows why the Skunk Ape smells like he does, so feel free to add your own theory. There are many very intelligent people out there who are working hard to prove that there is a species of North American Ape still to be officially discovered and recognized by mainstream science.

There is even a Skunk Ape Research Headquarters in Ochopee, Florida, dedicated to understanding this mysterious creature.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. My cousin and her daughter were riding through a neighborhood in Pace, FL outside Pensacola and as driving saw a huge creature cross the road several feet in front of them. What they said they thought it was was a gorilla bc it was big, black fur and ran on two legs but with one arm down like a gorilla. They couldn't believe it but when she told her husband he remembered an old neighborhood man telling him there was a gorilla living in the woods behind the neighborhood.

He remarked on how serious the man was telling the story but he didn't really believe him until his wife told him about what she saw. Wish I could've seen it. Me and my mother had an encounter with the skunk ape while camping along Myakka River back in the early 90's. The encounter has stuck in my mind all these years, and 2 years ago me and an old Army Ranger buddy spent close to 3 weeks tracking the beast deep in Myakka River State Park. The nest was very interesting.

It was found on the southern end of Myakka's top lake deep in saw palmetto that was covered by a thick evergreen canopy. To make a long story short, we set up a crude observation post and monitored the nest for 3 days with no luck. We marked it on GPS, came back a week later, and the nest was gone. Someone or something had gone in and removed all signs of it while we were out looking for this thing. So my thoughts I believe there is a skunk ape s residing in Myakka State Park.

I believe it possesses advanced hearing, smell, and possibly sight which allows it to remain undetected. Although a biped, I believe these things spend a lot of time up in the trees which makes tracking them so difficult. I mentioned the nest was in thick saw palmetto, what I didn't mention is there were no visible trails leading to this nest site. There was an overhead canopy though So how do we find big daddy?

Me and my buddy found the nest and print after a little over a week looking for the creature. There's a method to the madness. I don't believe the Sasquatch has the intelligence of us, but I do believe they are incredibly proficient in skills such as hunting, tracking, stealth and concealment, surveillance etc. If what we saw was indeed a skunk ape nest, the creature had the intellect to remove signs of the nest after its location had been comprised.

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This ain't no dummy. Get into the mindset of a skilled creature who doesn't want to be found by humans. Where would you go in Myakka State Park if you were being hunted by a group that wanted to kill you?

The Skunk Ape Legend

Is the terrain inhospitable to humans? Is the vegetation thick? Is it reasonably near a source of food and fresh water?

Does it have multiple escape routes? Do these escape routes make sense from a tactical standpoint, as in providing good cover and concealment? Are there places nearby that serve as good observation points? These are good places to look for the skunk ape. It probably wouldn't hurt to look up every now and then as well.

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You won't find it looking for bigfoot prints on well used game trails. This is a whole different animal. See google: grassy waters bigfoot. We have seen and lived with these creatures here in north Florida backwoods for many years. Just because the world doesnt want to believe it does not make it real.

I dare you to come check it out. Being an avid fan of "Finding Bigfoot", I truly enjoyed this hub. I've done some research and supposedly there was a bigfoot sighting right down the street from my house, which I find hard to believe simply because I live in a ski mountain community that's pretty busy in all seasons.

However, the intrigue is there and I do wonder at times whether this creature does exist. I guess time will tell. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Luther Urswick more. The Florida Skunk Ape The Skunk Ape is an elusive and mysterious beast often spotted in the swamps of Florida and other southern states.

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Like Sasquatch and apeman legends all over the world there is no clear-cut answer. Nobody ventures into this soggy wetland on the edge of Mission on the Umatilla Indian Reservation after dark when the shrieks begin. Resident Sylvia Minthorn once thought about plunging in to find the source of the cries.