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Attack is quite decent. A beater along with the Field Spell Yami. The Illusory Gentleman. Spell Wall. A Spellcaster support card that can make your opponent's monster defenseless against attacks. Book of Secret Arts.

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Destructive Draw. Can be used along with Rope of Life to quickly replace those cards that you discarded. Ready for Intercepting. A unique card that can revive and give attack to a monster. A Man with Wdjat [R]. Magical Undertaker [R]. Trance the Magic Swordsman [SR]. Neo the Magic Swordsman [R]. The Illusory Gentleman 2091. Spell Wall [R]. Book of Secret Arts [R]. Destructive Draw [R]. Soul Rope [R].

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Ready for Intercepting [R]. Rope of Life [R]. Pegasus Lvl Bros Yami Bakura Lvl 40 Gate. Yugi Muto Lvl 40 Gate. Mokuba Kaiba Lvl Bonz Lvl Arkana Lvl 40 Gate.

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Yami Marik lvl 40 Gate. Espa Roba Lvl40 Gate. Tristan Taylor Lvl 40 Gate. Jaden Lvl Chazz Lvl Alexis Lvl Aster Lvl Bastion Lvl Vellian Lvl 40 Gate.


Jesse Lvl 40 Gate. Syrus Lvl 40 Gate. Zane Lvl 40 Gate. Yusei Lvl Jack Lvl Crow Lvl Akiza Lvl But Belgarath the Sorcerer led men to reclaim the Orb that protected men of the West. So long as it lay at Riva, the prophecy went, men would be safe. But that was only a story, and Garion did not believe in magic dooms, even though the dark man without a shadow had haunted him for years.

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Brought up on a quiet farm by his Aunt Pol, how could he know that the Apostate planned to wake dread Torak, or that he would be led on a quest of unparalleled magic and danger by those he loved - but did not know? For a while, his dreams of innocence were safe, untroubled by knowledge of his strange heritage. For a little while Legends told of how the evil God Torak had coveted the power of the Orb of Aldur, until defeated in a final battle.

But prophecy spoke of a time when he would awake and again seek dominance over all the world.

The Belgariad

Now the Orb had been stolen by a priest of Torak, and that time was at hand. The master Sorcerer Belgarath and his daughter Polgara the arch-sorceress were on the trail of the Orb, seeking to regain it before the final disaster. And with them went Garion, a simple farm boy only months before, but now in the focus of the struggle. He had never believed in sorcery and wanted no part of it.

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Yet with every league they travelled, the power grew in him, forcing him to acts of wizardry he could not accept. Everyone knew that the tales of the Orb that protected the West from the evil God Torak were just silly legends.

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  7. But here she was, forced to join a serious quest to recover that stolen Orb. No one believed in sorcery. Yet Garion's aunt and grandfather seemed to be the fabled sorcerers Polgara and Belgarath, who would have to be thousands of years old.

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    Even young Garion was learning to do things that could only be sorcery. He was nothing but a farm boy, totally unsuitable for an Imperial Princess. Then why did she have such an urge to teach him, to brush back his tangled hair, and to comfort him?

    Now he was going to a strange tower in the centre of all he believed evil, to face some horrible, powerful magician. And she wouldn't be there to watch over him. And at the same time, I was obsessed with learning magic from a godman, as I had met a conjurer from India in my childhood.

    What I have been trying to explain ever since the first copies hit the bookshop shelves is that this is a story of India — a land where the unbelievable is the norm. I had known that the idea of writing of my experiences with Hakim Feroze, the great magician, would be extremely frowned upon by him, and they were.

    Feroze telephoned me one night when it was pouring with rain. I can remember the call. He was fuming. As far as he was concerned, my time with him was denigrated to fodder for a travel book.

    It is a view that upset me greatly.