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Certainly, a woman can be the offending party. An additional benefit of using the SSMW as a blueprint for discussions is that those other forms can be identified along with ways of effectively dealing with them. My goal in developing the SSMW was not to create a cut-and-dried, one-size-fits- all, static set of categories.


I wanted to provide a working taxonomy that organizational teams and groups can adapt and make their own. Persuasion research shows that if people are involved in discussing different ways of looking at situations and developing rules for responses consistent with their views, they are more likely to be receptive to change. Ideally, people at organizations will work together to provide additional examples of behaviors at each level of the spectrum as well as ways to effectively respond. Organizations from law firms to tech companies to nonprofits, have been using the spectrum.

My advice to them — and to anyone who wants to implement it — is to treat the spectrum as a living document.

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Talk about what behaviors and examples should go where and why see the exercise in the sidebar. The experiences from companies using the spectrum have been encouraging. Instead of ignoring incidents, Nukk-Freeman says, people are more willing to speak up. Some leaders think that certain conduct could never exist in their organizations.

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Sandra Corelli, vice president at the training company, Corporate Class Inc. When using the spectrum in your team, division, or company, below are a few scenarios to start the conversation.

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Bring people together with a proven facilitator who can keep the discussion away from naming particular people and placing blame. Discuss where on the spectrum each scenario belongs. Determine if the situation can be resolved on-the-spot. Of course, using the SSMW presents challenges for some organizations. Speaking with U. Another concern is that some colleagues have been asked to resign before their alleged misconduct could be assessed using a spectrum approach.

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If after using the SSMW, they realized that they might have overreacted, or in other cases, underreacted, there would be many challenging questions to answer. The MeToo movement escalated due to sexual misconduct in an industry known for a lack of such openness. I recently spoke with David Puttnam and Sandy Lieberson, award-winning producers and educators who described the film industry as especially challenging for women. Such corporate cultures tend to go into lockdown when issues of sexual misconduct arise.

Talking about sexual misconduct may indeed bring up feelings that many individuals and organizations would just as soon avoid.

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But conflict is a part of change. The spectrum should be employed with facilitators — internal or external — who can manage discussions to avoid anger and help people focus on the future rather than the past. By empowering people to respond on their own, issues that could become legal problems can be dealt with between or among the parties involved.

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  • Below is a sample of comments that can be used to halt gender-based offenses; some are suited to lesser offenses and to people with styles that are not direct. Others get right to the point.

    Which you choose to use will depend on the situation and what feels right to you. The better our ability to articulate how and to what extent particular behaviors offend, the better the chances of women and men working effectively and equitably together. While these conversations are no doubt challenging, they are far superior to a black hole of silence.

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    No good can come from that. She is the author of Shadow Campus, a crime mystery, and just completed writing a second crime mystery focusing on sexual misconduct, Damned if She Does. Her blog and art website is www. Kathleen Kelley Reardon. Based on interviews and interactions with hundreds of women. Executive Summary While the MeToo and TimesUp movements have made important cultural strides in elevating the conversation around sexual harassment, on the organizational level, there is still a lot of confusion.

    Feldman's exhilarating, fast-paced study of an undercover police team is stitched through with a highly original reflection on sovereignty, violence, and distance between ethos and ethics. The Gray Zone is essential reading for anyone interested in the world of policing.

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    An invaluable empirical study with significant theoretical underpinnings, this book constitutes a unique account of the ways in which sovereignty is practiced in spaces at the edges of Europe. Ducros, Europe Now. Its theoretical scope will allow it to be used extensively in the future, contributing profitably to the debate on contemporary sovereignty. The Gray Zone. Description Desc. Ducros, Europe Now "By avoiding trite depictions and predictable analyses of police activity, Feldman has contributed something truly valuable and unique to our understanding of policing in the contemporary world.