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Different employees are productive at different times, while others have personal schedules that make a impractical.

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With flexible hours, leaders can take advantage of their teams most productive times, while employees can build the life they enjoy and become more engaged and connected to their workplace. In industries where remote working is possible, it can be a game-changer for employees and leaders. Parents and children require time to bond and recover, while growing children make for unexpected needs, putting stress on employee parents and their managers. Make this easier on everyone by providing parental options that help you keep good talent while letting employees stay connected and productive in the workplace.

Along with remote working and flexible hour options, available parental leave and childcare help employees balance life and work, and spare employers the cost of replacing good people. Maintain a structure that ensures employees know when their workday is over, and that employers know when their team will be present and productive. Work-life balance is just one element of healthy company culture that drives and attracts engaged employees. Learn more about the whole Employee Experience here. If you build it, they will come. Along with these perks comes a list of business benefits that will help your company going forward into new generations.

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    How Workplace Feedback Can Create A Cultural Revolution At Your Company

    Event Saved. Your message has been sent! Your email will only be seen by the event organizer. Your Name. Email Address. Enter the code as shown below:. Send message Please wait Copy Event URL. The commercial property world appears therefore to be on the verge of structural change, with mobile workers making a significant proportion of traditional fixed office space obsolete and inefficient. With more and more people working remotely at least part of the week, businesses of all sizes will be faced with the option of paying for empty desk space or cutting down on permanent office space and opting for more flexible solutions.

    These agile options range from co-working spaces to temporary office locations and business lounge membership for employees. The trend for increasing numbers of freelance workers flooding the world of work is aligned with reports suggesting that in a not too distant future the business-employee model will become obsolete and workers will all be consultants. In the US the freelance workforce grew to 55 million in , up 1. Over the next decade the workforce is set to radically change becoming location agnostic. A growing number of flexible types of workers such as freelancers, contractors and part-time workers will make the demand for large fixed office locations rare and will instead drive the need for small, flexible office leasing arrangements, business lounges, co-working spaces and professional meeting rooms.

    Workplace revolution: the increased demand for employee amenities

    Businesses need to be future-proofed for these changes so they are able to embrace agile work trends and manage growth efficiently. More than 20, business respondents from more than countries were interviewed via an online survey during September Respondents were asked about their views on the effects of flexible working on workers, management and businesses. They were also asked about workforce composition and how the world of work has changed and is expected to change. Respondents also provided information about the mobile work technologies they used in the previous month and key enablers for remote work.

    This site uses cookies to improve your website experience. Cookie Policy. Share this article on. The Workplace Revolution — a picture of flexible working. The Millennial effect Another key driver of remote working is the changing workforce: as generations grow-up expecting to be able to communicate cheaply and rapidly from anywhere in the world, it follows they expect this to also be the case in the professional arena.

    Flexible working and its benefits From spending more time on leisure and loved ones, to cutting down commute times and finding more time to relax, workers prefer flexible working for a host of reasons and for many it has now become a key differentiator when faced with a choice between similar jobs. Regus and the workplace revolution Taking a more flexible approach to how they manage their premises as well as hiring more consultants and freelance workers allows businesses to be more responsive and better placed to embrace growth, as well as navigating choppy waters should they arise.

    Report summary The world of work is being dramatically propelled into the future faster than ever before by a heady mix of new technologies and the demands of a workforce that is increasingly calling for a better work:life balance.

    Transformation Is All About Possibilities!

    The importance of technology One of the main enablers of flexible working is of course technology. The rising voice of the workforce The other key driver of flexible working is worker demand: as businesses report that they are seeing more consultants and freelancers populate the workforce, it is hardly surprising that the need for flexible workspace is also expected to continue to grow. Why connectivity matters And yet all these apps and solutions ranging from VoIP, to instant messaging, to video sharing, to remote access to servers, desktops and the Cloud all rely on a fast and solid internet connection.

    The impact of bad connection Without a suitably fast connection it is impossible for businesses to provide workers with access to servers in the Cloud or to desktops. The connected generation Given the evolving technology landscape it follows that Millennials and Generation Z, who have grown up accustomed to using technology in everyday life and remaining connected , are applying the same speed of communication and reactivity to their professional life. The shifting global retirement age But it is not just younger generations making their mark and driving the quest for mobility in the modern workplace, older workers, obliged or willing to remain in employment beyond retirement are also demanding more flexibility.

    Flexible by choice Another USA report confirms that more and more workers are choosing not to become employees but to retain their freedom and freelance or work as consultants. The result: a better lifestyle One of the key drivers for all types of workers to demand more flexibility is in order to improve their quality of life be it by reducing their commute to spend more time with loved ones, in the gym or simply to get more sleep.

    A few hours here and there Yet actually a lot more workers carry out a few hours of work remotely each week, whether this is because they are taking their laptop home to finish something off in the evening, or carrying out conference calls as they move from one meeting to another, or even simply catching up on emails as they commute back home on a busy train. New demands for a changing workforce This clear shift in working habits towards greater flexibility is in part dictated by the changing needs of a new workforce.

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    The results Business people globally confirm that working from home is not ideal and report that noise, lack of office resources and difficulties focusing on professional matters are a serious hindrance. Poor connection in rural areas Unavailability of a fast or reliable internet connection is of course a major bug-bear and one that can only really be overcome by workers that live in well served urban areas reached by fiber optic for example.

    The perfect middle ground Working outside the home, but closer to home on the other hand could afford the answer as respondents report that it helps increase productivity and improves work:life balance.

    Workplace Revolution

    How it benefits your business Businesses, however, will be particularly interested in seeing how likely productivity is to improve with the introduction or extension of flexible working. The results One of the key ways business people are using to remain always connected to teams and colleagues cost-effectively is Instant Messaging and VoIP. Communication apps Compared to January , WhatsApp has overtaken Skype in popularity among business users probably due to the introduction of VoIP and video calls making the tool even more versatile.

    Productivity-boosting technology Along with communications, mobile workers are also using more and more online tools to help them work remotely more efficiently and productively. Mobile tech trends Interestingly, mobile workers also clearly opt for having an efficient smartphone over a tablet computer or iPad to enable them to work. How to manage a remote team Although mobile working is becoming more and more popular and appreciated by both businesses and workers, the issue of tracking productivity when not in the main office is one that most firms needs to address at some point.

    The results Team managers and directors across the globe report that they plan to allow workers to work remotely either one or one to two days a week. Just over one in ten, however, will allow workers to be remote the entire week. The business perks of remote working Among the reasons that have made mobile working mainstream are both personal and business benefits.

    The Digital Workplace Revolution

    A growing business trend With businesses reporting all these benefits it is hardly surprising that flexible working is expected to continue in its growth trajectory over the next year and longer. Traditional management methods More and more businesses are adopting a flexible mind-set when it comes to managing remote workers, but their views on how to achieve good management are surprisingly traditional; rather than simply investing in IT systems to track staff productivity, they reveal that conducting regular meetings videoconferencing and in person and telephone calls are proving critical.

    Flexible vs homeworking While flexible working is becoming the norm and is widely regarded as highly productive and beneficial to client relationships it is important to note that it should not be regarded as synonymous with home working. The two faces of the changing workforce Millennials are making their presence in the business world known by their need to be able to constantly communicate no matter the location, at a cheap cost.

    The necessity of fast, connected technology The research shows just how wide-spread flexible working is becoming and how fundamental technology is as an enabler of mobility. Regus: expertise and experience Over the past ten years, Regus has invested in analysing working habits and behaviours in the world of business.