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The Inferno

Inferno is not a philosophical text; its intention is not to think critically about evil but rather to teach and reinforce the relevant Christian doctrines. Dante places much emphasis in his poem on the notion of immortality through storytelling, everlasting life through legend and literary legacy.

Several shades ask the character Dante to recall their names and stories on Earth upon his return. The character Dante does not always oblige; for example, he ignores the request of the Italian souls in the Ninth Pouch of the Eighth Circle of Hell that he bring word of them back to certain men on Earth as warnings. However, the poet Dante seems to have his own agenda, for his poem takes the recounting of their stories as a central part of its project.

Indeed, Dante frequently takes opportunities to advance his own glory.

The Divine Comedy I. - The Inferno

By claiming to have surpassed two of the classical poets most renowned for their mythological inventions and vivid imagery, Dante seeks to secure his own immortality. Home Poetry Inferno Themes.

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Inferno by: Dante Alighieri. Character List Dante Alighieri Virgil.

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    Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. For the most part the cantos range from about to about lines.

    He also painted many large compositions of a religious or historical character and had some success as a sculptor; his work in those media, however, lacks the spontaneous vivacity of his illustrations. Each section contains 33 cantos, though the Inferno has one more 34 , since the very first canto serves as a prologue to the entire work. Dante, through his experiences and encounters on the journey, gains understanding of the gradations of damnation,….

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